Watches of Switzerland Christmas 14 Display

Concept development, prop production, graphic design and project management for 16 bespoke window displays and in-store props for the luxury watch retailer.

For this project I worked with the client's christmas concept visual for the luxury watch store (based on the brothers Grimm fairytale of the Golden Bird) by developing elements of the design and working out the details of the production and installation. There were many aspects of this concept to design and it was to be installed across 16 stores in the UK, each requiring bespoke props and vinyl graphics. I had to source enough real birch trees to make the forest constructions and watch plinths, and also commission a prop artist to make the golden bird and silver fox characters. Billie Achilleos & I worked on the design for each character and then she produced these amazing bespoke sculptures for the three top stores.
In the flagship store on Regent St selected trees in the forest would need watches inside of them, but they needed to be lit and the brand required it to be up to standard for these (very) expensive watches. I designed with one of our suppliers, a method of lighting these hollows up while hiding all cabling detail.
All of the watches displayed had to show the watch brand above it and some had to contain stories of each brand. I worked on ideas for how to brand the displays and display this information, in keeping with the fairytale aesthetic. See below sketches produced for the client to chose a design direction. Every detail had to be designed and prototyped for this scheme, including the vinyl on the glass and the plaques & gold foiling on the trees. I also had to plan for any technical install issues when producing the props, like how each tree would be installed into the existing window areas without fixing into the existing architecture.
This was the Oxford St store and received a slightly different display design. Most of the stores didn't have the same type of display window area as Regent, so the christmas concept had to work around the watch cabinets and across the exterior glass.
I designed this special vinyl graphic alongside our print department - which included creating artworks that would allow reverse printing the white onto clear vinyl at differing opacities to create a misty and frosted forest effect with the gold foil highlights to the tree trunks. In some cases gold foil vinyl lettering was applied over the top as well. I had to create bespoke artworks for each store.
The Glasgow store had 2 floors to design for and the client wanted floor to ceiling trees in the upstairs windows with graphics applied to the outside. The window frames were not allowed to be fixed into so I had to come up with a design solution that allowed the trees to be slotted in sections. I designed the frames with the wood supplier and below shows the detail that I would send out to the install teams for fitting on site.
Below are images of the frames from inside the store and close-ups of Billie's Golden Bird sculpture.

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