Personal Work

Letterforms inspired by Moroccan architecture in Marrakesh -  mixing the roman alphabet with arabic detailing.  I blended the colours directly on the silk-screen to create the blend on this print.

Hand-Illustrated blood vessel typeface - part of my university degree final project.

Poetry book for degree final project. 

 I commissioned a poet to create poems to describe individuals he hadn't met, based on the answers they gave from a series of questions about themselves. He was given poetic license to create a character based on his interpretation. Each person was given their poem afterwards, some were happy with 'their' character! 

I created the illustrations surrounding the poems from images based on cross sections of the brain and the book is hand-printed by me using silk-screen metallic inks and it was perfect bound by professional bookbinders.

Computer illustration and wall vinyl application for Bristol Ballon Fiesta promotion.  Translucent and opaque vinyls were laid on top of each other to create more colour tones from 3 vinyls.

Silk-screen print from a watercolour illustration for International 'make a statement' exhibition at AKI, Holland.

Silk-Screen print poster for degree final project. 

This was a study into how to describe an individual using our physical unique attributes. Mini wood sculptures were created from the lines on a person's palm, photographed and documented on this poster. 

I also created a motion graphic piece where the shapes would turn and merge into each other, as part of a digital exhibition in North London a few years later - see video below.

Film and video projection installation piece for degree final project with accompanying book.

A film was created inspired by the Jorgen Leth film 'The Perfect Human' and the Lars Von Trier documentary 'The 5 obstructions.' This was the starting point for my final degree project which looked at studying individuality and ways design can document this. 

The film was projected through laser cut panels - the panels were maps of freckles taken from peoples arms, a unique physical marking. This meant that film would be viewed differently every time a panel was changed.

I organised and ran this fundraiser event with two friends in London in October 2015. 

We created a night of music, food and spoken word to raise money for three charities involved in helping in the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe.  All the acts performed for free, the north london venue and equipment we borrowed for no cost and the food was supplied on the night by red moon roots, a community cooking group that sourced unwanted food from shops and restaurants. 

I worked on the design concept of the posters and banners with Ginny Cooper and these were printed as a donation from HQ graphics; as well as planning and managing event on the night with Hazel Kraus-Gayle. The three of us sold out the event and managed to raise over 1400 GBP on the night for the charities.

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