Jaeger Summer 15

Print design & artwork, production development, project management of displays for the flagship summer fashion collections.

The display for summer at Jaeger was inspired by the blossom trees at the press day venue for the occasionwear collections and from an image of layered silk-screen frames that the client had seen. I developed these ideas into a graphic window display for the store; creating the blossom artworks from a selection of sourced imagery and then printing them on two types of material with varying opacities and wrapped onto suspended frames.
The frames are wrapped in a special method that ensured the staple fixings could not been seen from inside the store. The layered, suspended graphics worked well with the increased sunlight the store gets at this time of year, and the imagery and colours were designed to work across the male and female collections.
As part of the design work for this project I offered visuals of alternative design options, shown below, as well as creating the final scale layout plan with dimensions and placement of frames for the install team.
For the summer update the client wanted to keep the frames but remove the blossom graphics and replace it with a mix of white-washed textures, referencing the effect of sun through wooden window blinds and summer fabrics. I worked on material options for them and then arranged production to update the existing frames.
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