French Connection Autumn 13 Campaign & Flagship Refresh

Global campaign management for all window display & store graphics for Autumn/Winter 13. UK Flagship interior refresh.

French Connection launched their Autumn/Winter 13 collection with a controversial press campaign photographed by Ian Rankin. The concept 'From Sketch to Store' included naked models with the collection sketched over the top of the images. As window & in store graphics designer for the brand; I had to develop and manage the visual elements campaign across all the uk & international stores. This included flagship window displays and in store graphics - print & digital media, alternative displays for top stores and also a more simple rollout scheme for the remaining stores. I also had to work with marketing and the visual director to select the key campaign shots to be used in the stores and create and manage artwork and retouching, including production for all the international stores (300+ stores internationally).
Each campaign launch from start to finish is a 3 month process for the visual team, but this time we also were rebuilding interior areas in the flagship including removing walls, replacing exterior facade signage, installing digital screens and projectors in store. I worked with the FC store design team to implement these changes to time with the campaign launch.
We installed digital screens in the ground floor area of the flagship, as a form of digital merchandising. I took the videos shot by the online team and changed the format to suit the portrait digital screens. The casing was designed for the visual merchandising team to  be able swap over the digital content easily. 
Below are images of the new 1st floor accessories area - walls were taken down to allow more light to the upstairs; with large format campaign graphics applied to the specially designed flight cases and digital projections of the campaign movie playing. I worked with the store design team to bring this project to completion.

The window displays for the Oxford st flagship this season were kept simple; with large digital screens playing the campaign movie. The side window contained large graphic series printed on acrylics that showed the almost naked model as she dresses in the outfit. This was scheme was used in the other top stores, with a layered graphic for smaller stores (naked model on back layer and sketch on top layer).
Instore areas including graphics, display areas, wall colours, signage & wayfinding for the flagships and other top stores would change format every season and would be updated according to the new campaign of the fashion collections. Usually the flagships would also have large exterior graphic wraps featuring the new campaign, but this season the store had a refresh and kept things open.
Below are photos of how the campaign was presented in store with canvas graphics, large format stretch graphics and digital projections.
Each season the store moved around product areas and this time the brand wanted to promote the new accessories collection and area upstairs, so a graphic way finding system was designed using imagery from the campaign shoot and stylistic elements such as the black tape and the handrawn style of the directional arrows. This was rolled out across all stores for this season.
As the instore visual design we supported marketing on customer store events - like this style challenge. I would have to design and supply graphic backdrops and props for the event in the campaign style, to the stores involved with instructions for the staff to install themselves.
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